Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanking my lucky stars....

It's turkey week! And it has been fantastic, well kinda.... I completed my pack of birth control and instead of taking the little white pills, I started a new pack for only a few days and on the 21st I was finished. But holy cow! Between the PMS (which normally I don't really have) and ending my caffeine obsession, I've been one grumpy s.o.b. I thought since Katie gave up caffeine, I'd do the same, couldn't hurt and I want to do everything I can to help this succeed. BUT man have I been mean, and I'm talking crying, angry, want to punch people in the face mean, and I hated it. However, once I started my period things started to mellow out and I've been back to my lovie self since. And thankfully it started that day, because that was the day I spent ALL day with family, and not just my immediate family but my boyfriends as well.. I'm happy I wasn't still being a b*tch :)

So yesterday was Thanksgiving and I'm really lucky because while some people don't have any one to spend the day with, I have two dinners. Whenever you say, oh yeah, we're off to our next full thanksgiving meal people always say, oh that sucks, good luck. But seriously, we get to spend the day with both sides and I think I'm lucky to have all that love. And it's fun because they atmosphere changes throughout the day.... Starts with a mellow, conversation filled afternoon, great food and football; then another wonderful meal, more conversation, going around the table each telling the table what we are thankful for followed up by cheering each other and then a woohoo and ending the night with wii dancing and Elf (my favorite Christmas movie!) It was a fantastic day! I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for that it amazes me, I am so lucky for the life that I have and the friends and family who surround me.

Today I started the day with a little Black Friday shopping with my dad :) at JCP and then Old Navy and got lots of great new clothes that I've really needed to purchase, just didn't want to pay full price. And it wasn't bad at all, it was awesome! Now I'm still hanging out with my parents, getting ready for my double header soccer game and preparing my shots. Ugh shots! This is a new medication than my last cycle and when I saw the needles OMFG they weren't that big! but then I watched the videos and the large needle is only for mixing my vial of Menopur. PHEWW, I actually got really nervous when I saw it, but after the videos I was all good. Then I realized I didn't have my instructions page and couldn't find it. ahhhhhh I called the IRH but they were closed, I left a frantic message, and at that point all i could do was wait. A few hours later, Lizzie, the donor coordinator called me and I was instructed not to do anything tonight because my safety was more important with the risk of my health if I took the wrong dose... It's nice to know that they really do care about the well being of the donors. However, I FOUND IT! wooo hooooo it was in my glove compartment in my car :) in case I wasn't home when I had to take my first dose... I'd loose my head if it wasn't attached, good thing it is!

Now it's shot time.... I'm kinda nervous this time because it's a different medicine and it's just a little bit more of a process and I don't want to mess anything up. Thankfully (staying on theme) my dad is a pharmacist and can help me with all of this stuff. I have to mix the Menopur and while they said I could avoid two shots and just mix both medications together, my dad informed me, that getting a shot with more than 1 cc is just the right dose to make sure it's not sore later and it doesn't get a little bubble. I'm glad he's here because I would have just done the two together thinking it would be better, but in reality it's not. So now I will keep a log of which shot I do on which part of my stomach and alternate each night so I can reduce the pain.

Let the fun begin!

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  1. I can only hope to have this same blessing. Its awesome what you have done for Katie and Pat. I dont know them well but connected a little through birdies for babies foundation that did the fundraiser for them. We are now in the process ourselves and in the middle of an anonymous cycle with Dr. S as well in Ohio. Send prayers are way. This is our forth cycle, 3 failed on our own.