Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eggcelent News!

Sorry for the delay, but Sunday night I was feeling absolutly horrible... On an off tears and so my blog post was very short. Not only did my stomach kill, but I was very sensitive, all of me. I must have been such a joy for the bf. NOT. Since I felt so horrible, we ended up spending the evening watching Harry Potter the last 2 movies !! :) Every time I feel bad I love watching those movies lol... I couldn't sleep for a few reasons: I felt miserable, I wanted to finally see the last HP which is liek 2 hours and I was a bit nervous. I wasn't nervous at all for the first one and heck, I didn't even take the valium, but this time was different....

I was nervous because it's now so personal, and I didn't know how many eggs or how big they would be on the day of the retrieval.... So I toss and turn all night and eventually got a text from Katie at like 4:45 lol so excited. And I was like dead lol but still excited. My alarm went off at 5:45 and I made sure to take my valium at 6:15. We arrived at IRH a few minutes early, and right at 6:45 we were in the building!

I was welcomed at the front by Katie my nurse (weird, I know) and the fun began. She tried to get the IV in my arm but nothing, yay for useless pokes... After the wiggling and giggling with no responce we moved to my hand. Woo hoo it worked, but geeze it hurt. I was feeling good, at first I was like, I don't even get the point of Valium until a little while later. So once that was completed, they moved me into the room where the procedure took place. You feel a touch awkward because then they move you to the bed, your feet are up in the sturups and your ass is just hanging off the bed lol, a blanket is placed over you but still haha it's weird. However, at this point not much is weird... Dr. S was a little late due to the weather but in a wonderful mood no less. He came and greeted me, I remember this, but after that it's all a blur. Last time I did this, I remember staying awak and talking to Dr.S but I think thanks to the Valuim I was out!

Next thing I know, I'm being push back into my little resting area and the bf was there waiting all smiles... I got some juice and a sprite because I felt a little nauseous and then the hickups ahhaha which made me and the nurses laugh out loud.... Katie (nurse) asked me if I needed anything else then proceeded to ask my bf if I was this easy to deal with at home and he chuckled... LOL

While we were still there I made sure to ask how it all went and how many they got, Dr. A thought I might make 1 more and end up with 12 but HA proved him wrong~ they were able to retreive 18 healthy eggs!!!! Good in size (which is most important) THIS is why I was in such pain.... but it really was all worth it. The bf helped me get dressed, and then we headed to Busken :)!! Finally allowed to eat, I enjoyed every last bite! At last we were home and once again the bf helped me get changed and I was on the couch for good. The vicodin worked wonders as I was super sore, but it also made me really nauesous. blah... My bf had to leave as he doesn't live in the city and had to get back for work and my dad came and brought me dinner and cookies! I love my support system.

As of today, I'm back at work, still really sore but good... Things are looking REALLY really good for Katie and Pat  and I'm so excited I was able to help.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The time has come...

Last night I took my ovidrel and all was good. However, later that night and today has been a different story... Orvidrel is used to start ovulation and it certainly has! Everything is sore :( the cramps have increasingly gotten worse but in 12 hours the retrieval will be well under way! Tomorrow morning, I will take a Valium at 6:15 and arrival at IRH by 6:45. Wish me luck!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Its been decided...

Monday is the day! While it's been a rough couple of days, retrieval day is just around the corner :) I woke up at 8:23 today for an 8:30 apt, so my day started off exciting. I had no time to drink fluids prior to my blood work up, so that was fun. And I still have bruising from my last work up so I decided to go with my other arm, which doesn't have such a prominent vein, BAD IDEA lol no blood... so I got poked and then poked again in the bruised arm lol, fantastic. But finally they got what they needed and it was off to the ultra sound..

Things are looking fantastic... lots of big fat eggs or follicles. I still have 11 and they range (most are 13 mm) but I have a few that are about 17-18! And as I do more research, this is the ideal size for best results, so I think the Dr. wants just one more day on the medications to see if we can plum a few more up :) If I remember correctly, last cycle most of my eggs were in the 9 mm range and only a few were 12 -13. So wooo hoo!

I then sat with my favorite nurse, who I worked with last time and we went over the instructions and paperwork for everything coming up. She's so nice and it's comforting to have a familiar face... She assured me that this retrieval would be much better than the last since I am not over producing and I'm a little bit more aware of what I should and shouldn't do before the procedure. Like drink plenty of water!  She will not be there Monday but will make sure think positive thoughts for us!

Tonight I continue with the shots that hurt but it's my last night so it's not too bad, only issue, I have a birthday dinner at the same time as the shots, so I just prep them before I leave and take them at 8 wherever I can, and I make sure to make the area as clean as possible. It's actually not bad at all, the weirdest part about the shots is mixing them all. It's just weird.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and think lots of good baby thoughts!! We need as much good energy out there as possible and all the love so far has be VERY helpful! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Is how I'd describe last night and today! It wasn't the new shot that hurt, but the one that is the mixture of Menopur and Gonal F. I don't know what it is, but the two of them together really hurt last night. And the cramping has only gotten worse :( I have to admit, it had me in tears last night. And it wasn't just the pain, but I got upset about other things that normal Samuel would just brush off....I know it's only a few more days so I'm not trying to complain, but explain for those who don't know what it's like to do this. At the moment, every step I take causes a cramp! And they aren't at the top of my stomach but very low... it's like I can feel exactly where these eggs are attached and man is my body not happy about it!  If I go to the bathroom it causes me to cramp! If I laugh or use my stomach for any reason, getting up, SITTING down (ugh) and sneezing, ugh I hate sneezing today, it all causes these horrible cramps. My belly is so stupid bloated and I feel like I'm waddling. I just feel really blah. I feel fat and I've been wearing things that cover my stomach because I've noticed people looking at my stomach at work and it's just like, blah. Seriously this is ANYTHING but comfortable.

The upside.....it's only for a few more days. It's things like this that makes me appreciate my healthy body. Some people feel chronic pain all the time or to actually be pregnant and have 9 months of this, oy-ve. But like I mentioned to one of the girls in my yoga class who said, it could be worse, you could be pregnant.... well true, but when you're pregnant your body adjusts over time.... Due to the hormone shots, my body went from normal to crazyville in a day. Not a lot of time to adjust. Thankfully I have lots of wonderful people around me to remind me why I'm doing this and give me lots of love.

Hopefully the apt tomorrow goes well and my retrieval day will be Sunday!