Thursday, May 9, 2013

Oh hey there strangers... Here's an update!

It's WILD but I just dropped in and realized I only had this entry as a draft. OOOPS! So here is my last post.

I know it's been a while....5 months post procedure, however some still ask how everything is going. Honestly I can't believe I didn't inform everyone of the outcome via blog and not just word of mouth sooner. But this really isn't my journey so I wanted to let Katie and Pat have this time to celebrate and share the way they please to do! So if you do not know, here it goes.....

Katie and Pat are in fact PREGNANT! They found out just before Christmas :) and what could make this present any better?.... 2 babies!

Also I forgot to mention the outcome of the egg retrieval! After waiting for the embryos to develop over the course of the five days they were outside the body, 6 fertilized embryos made it to the FINAL STAGE! Katie and Pat decided to transfer two embryos (SUCCESS) and still have four embryos to use in the future.

As of today, Katie and I still talk on a weekly basis and recently, while they were in town we had a wonderful lunch. Montgomery Inn Yuuuuuummmmmm! Most would think it's weird what we are going through, and yes, it's a little weird, but we own it... and we do it with wonderful humor. If you can't laugh at life, welp, goodluck! I have learned early on in life the no matter what you do, seriously no matter what, you are always going to make someone upset, someone, somewhere. So my theory.... do what makes you happy and what you feel is right!

It's crazy to see how far Katie and the girls have come! I have not seen them since we went out to eat back in December.. It's amazing! She is glowing, like GLOWING and just happy. These little girls are so lucky to have such a wonderful family to love and nurture them! It makes me so happy that I could help and impact their lives in such a way.

Now...... to what everyone has asked and even if you haven't asked, I'm sure you are wondering. What now? Even I wondered what now?, you can tell by the lack of blogging. Katie and I took time to discuss the future over lunch. They have been open throughout this process that the girls and future children should know where they came from; know how badly they were wanted and what this couple/family/community went through to have them. I 100% believe that this is the best for them! To own this and make this part of who they are as early as they can. 

We also discussed my role. Like most things in life, especially something special like this, there is no manual. There is no "right" way to approach, no measurement of success, other than health and happiness (in my opinion). There will be bumps of course, but with open communication and true to the heart decisions; these girls, this family, all of us collectively will thrive. Respectively, Katie and Pat have put the ball in my court in regards to the openness they will share with these little ladies about me. And as I've always felt, I am okay with meeting them and sharing with them. Their mother is currently baking them in her little oven, keeping them healthy, bonding and loving them unconditionally. She will be tucking them in at night and bandaging them up after life's "uh oh".  I'm okay with being a cool "aunt" :) I plan to have a family of my own and sharing this story with them as well. As we sat with each other, we realized... it's all just one day at a time.


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