Friday, December 2, 2011

Its been decided...

Monday is the day! While it's been a rough couple of days, retrieval day is just around the corner :) I woke up at 8:23 today for an 8:30 apt, so my day started off exciting. I had no time to drink fluids prior to my blood work up, so that was fun. And I still have bruising from my last work up so I decided to go with my other arm, which doesn't have such a prominent vein, BAD IDEA lol no blood... so I got poked and then poked again in the bruised arm lol, fantastic. But finally they got what they needed and it was off to the ultra sound..

Things are looking fantastic... lots of big fat eggs or follicles. I still have 11 and they range (most are 13 mm) but I have a few that are about 17-18! And as I do more research, this is the ideal size for best results, so I think the Dr. wants just one more day on the medications to see if we can plum a few more up :) If I remember correctly, last cycle most of my eggs were in the 9 mm range and only a few were 12 -13. So wooo hoo!

I then sat with my favorite nurse, who I worked with last time and we went over the instructions and paperwork for everything coming up. She's so nice and it's comforting to have a familiar face... She assured me that this retrieval would be much better than the last since I am not over producing and I'm a little bit more aware of what I should and shouldn't do before the procedure. Like drink plenty of water!  She will not be there Monday but will make sure think positive thoughts for us!

Tonight I continue with the shots that hurt but it's my last night so it's not too bad, only issue, I have a birthday dinner at the same time as the shots, so I just prep them before I leave and take them at 8 wherever I can, and I make sure to make the area as clean as possible. It's actually not bad at all, the weirdest part about the shots is mixing them all. It's just weird.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and think lots of good baby thoughts!! We need as much good energy out there as possible and all the love so far has be VERY helpful! 

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  1. What you're doing is completely selfless, I am so proud of you Samie, you are giving someone the gift of life. I love You !! Love Mom